Vanessa Aerts is one of a few designers who imagine jewellery as a light touch of timeless femininity.  She follows her own trends, sets out her own rules. Her inspiration can be triggered by the corner of a chipped tile as well as by a piece of textile and her love of everyday life objects can be the start of a whole new collection.

Following Interior Design studies, Vanessa Aerts turned her hands towards smaller scale construction, creating the most refine and delicate jewellery. Often described by her ever-growing devotees as graphic and airy, the essential nature of Vanessa’s work is discrete yet unique, classic yet contemporary and most of all feminine nevertheless subtle.

Working from gold and silver granules, semi-precious stones or even silk threads, she imagines and hand-builds her collections from start to finish, all from her atelier in Brussels. Vanessa creates her own language and sketches in the making. She searches with flair for new ideas to germinate in the organic gesture of forming and she treasures when ‘accidents’ occur.  She stretches, cuts, files, polishes and brushes components…letting the very material draws her pieces in a unique manner.


Words By Johanna Van Daalen